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Drug Ring of Friends Saved

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: overcomer , addiction

  Throughout high school and college Corey Russell enjoyed life to the fullest. His concerns were for only three things - sex, drugs, and rap. He would party with his friends, getting high on drugs for days on end. His life all changed when he got insight into the powerful demons that were controlling him. Watch this inspirational video as Corey tells his life story and what motivated him to give his life to Jesus.

Paid to Kill

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: war , transformation , prison , marriage , addiction

  As a teenager Alfonso Aceves was doing drugs, selling drugs and committing crimes. His love for violence only escalated during his two tours in the Vietnam war. After his return to the United States, Al became a "war lord" of his own motorcycle gang. Watch this motivational video as Al tells his inspirational life story of discovering love, faith, and the struggles of his conversion to Christianity. 

The Dunk Inventor

Posted by: Amy in Sports

  Kenny Dobbs is one of the best basketball dunkers in the nation and has traveled around the world displaying skills in numerous competitions and exhibitions. He now also is a speaking for "UpRise". But as a teenager, Kenny's life did not look like it would have this turnout. Watch this motivational video as Kenny tells his inspirational life story about his recovery from drug addiction to discovering faith. 


Lost in a Small Town

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: women , motivation , faith , death , addiction

 Dana was an up and coming, finishing high school a year older, starting her career at 17, and retiring early. But after the death of her mother, Dana found herself without any direction. Still living in a small town, Dana turned to alcohol. Watch this motivational video as Dana shares her inspirational life story of how she turned her life around and was brought to faith.  


Forty Years of Wandering

Posted by: Amy in Divorce

Tagged in: transformation , hope , depression , death , anger , addiction

Victor never felt like he belonged. He was married at 29, however he didn't know how to properly nurture such a relationship. Three children later he found himself divorced; in another few years he found himself with a drug addiction. It wasn't long before he lost all desire to live. He offered up his broken life of 40 years to God with hardly any expectations. God transformed Victor's life into a story he's now proud to tell on this amazing video.


Resuced from Gang Life

Posted by: Amy in Adversity

Tagged in: prison , overcomer , meaning , hope , faith , death , addiction

 Albert grew up in an L.A. neighborhood run by gangs and it didn't take much to join one and start living the gang life. He became less interested in school and started down a path that led him in and out of jail. Tired of the life of addiction and hopelessness, Albert longed to be sober, eventually checking into a discipleship program. Here's Albert's story on video about his discovery of the true meaning behind faith and life and his revelation found in Christ. 

I Am His Light

Posted by: Amy in Divorce

Tagged in: motivation , meaning , marriage , faith , addiction

Keith lived a good life with his wife and kids, but slowly his life started to take a turn for the worse. After getting a divorce, and dealing with addictions, he had no where to turn. In this video Keith describes how a discipleship program was the catalyst for his inspirational life story, and how motivating the true revelation of God is.

Restoring a Lost Cause

Posted by: lifestory in Addiction

Selling drugs and using crystal meth, Greg Winkle's parents and family began to grow tired of seeing their son go down a destructive path. Faced with prison, Greg turned to faith to get himself through. Watch this video as Greg tells his story of God's timing in his life, and how his conversion brought release and restoration. 

Forgiving a Murderer

Posted by: lifestory in Anger

Tagged in: forgiveness , anger , addiction

 Dennis Parrish's life story started with loss and loneliness: his wife was taken from him by alcoholism and his four year old daughter was murdered. Faced with his own alcoholism and filled with anger and hopelessness, Dennis went out in search for answers. This inspirational man found more then what he originally sought for. Take a peak at the video of his testimony and recovery.

Skating at the age of 7 and making thousand of dollars a month by 13, the skateboarding legend, Christian Hosoi, was well on his way to a life of limelight and success. Along with a developing superstardom, Hosoi developed a life of partying: smoking pot at 10, doing acid by 12, cocaine at 14, and crystal meth constantly from 28-33. His party life spiraled beyond his control and left him in prison, but thanks to the grace of God, his story doesn't end there. Watch Hosoi's amazing video as he shares his inspirational testimony of discovering freedom behind bars.


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