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Ali - More Than Dreams

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Ali (Turkey) - This Turkish man in bondage to alcohol saw Jesus in a dream and his life was changed forever.  Desperate, he moved to Saudi Arabia — a place where alcohol 
is forbidden. However, upon his arrival, he found liquor there. He then made the pilgrimage to Mecca, hoping to be freed of his addiction and to be led in the way of a true Muslim. To his surprise, he met Jesus Christ instead.

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Out of Control

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Norman Miller Life Story by Norman Miller

Since 1978, Norman Miller has been the Chairman of the Board for Interstate Batteries, now the number one replacement battery in America. In 1974, after years of heavy drinking, Miller realized he was an alcoholic. Asking God for help, Norm stopped drinking and gave God full control of his personal and professional life. On this website you’ll hear Norman Miller’s personal story of success and how he and his management team remain committed to making God’s love and help a priority in business.

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Quitting is Not an Option

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Michael Chadwick Life Storyby Michael Chadwick

When his best friend offered him marijuana as a young teen, Michael Chadwick had no idea how the drug would change the course of his future. Even as Michael gained success and wealth as an acclaimed homebuilder, alcohol and drug addiction were to dominate his life. After a series of close calls with death, however, Michael eventually turned to God for help. Faced with extremely difficult times such as the death of his 8-year old son, Michael shares how his hope in Jesus Christ kept him going. You’re sure to be inspired by Michael’s incredible story of perseverance.

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Conquering Giants, Conquering Myself

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Jimmy Broydenby Jimmy Broden

From Champion Break Dancer and Martial Arts Teacher to becoming a seasoned Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman of 18 years, Jimmy Broyden has learned what it takes to conquer mental, physical and external barriers to become victorious. “You can learn to face your fears head on and look them in the eye. It is usually fear of failure, fear itself or fear of what others will say that holds us back. Be bold, brave and keep moving forward. It’s regular people who do mighty deeds.”

Jimmy shares his life experiences with the goal of encouraging people to realize their potential. “It doesn’t matter what hand you’ve been dealt in life, you can change your cards. You can make right choices."

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