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More Than Just A Mess

Posted by: Amy in Music

Lorenzo has always loved music and it became his God and he got lost in drugs and alcohol. Watch this motivational video as Lorenzo shares his inspirational testimony of how he learned that God would never abandon him.

A Purpose and a Path

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: purpose , marriage , leadership , death , anger , addiction

Drugs were commonplace for Mike Bachman in the life he grew up in. Life reached a low after his only brother's suicide. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story of how through his tragic event he began to discover a relational faith in God.

Robbie Rage Finds Mercy

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , purpose , professionals , anger , addiction , accident

Rob Knapik, known in the ring as "Robbie Rage", began to work out to become stronger then his abusive father. Rob joined World Championship Wrestling where he was appropriately given the name of "Robbie Rage." Watch this motivational video as Rob tells his inspirational life story of how an injury kept him away from wrestling and he lost everything but he cried out to God to save him.

Greg Outlaw, a well-off CEO was molested under the Christmas tree at the age of 6. After discovering that his father, a church deacon, had an affair, Greg vowed never to step foot in church again and ventured into business. After turning down an offer of $25 million for this company due to his own greed; the discovery of a terminal illness because of habitual drug and alcohol abuse; and, fruitlessly spending his life in the 90's in pursuit of an IPO that ended up being shelved by the bursting of the Internet Bubble and bankruptcy, Greg finally heard and acknowledged the voice of God. Watch this three part motivational video as Greg shares his inspirational life story.

Fighting For Fame, Fortune & Respect

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: sports , purpose , professionals , marriage , football , depression , anger , addiction

For more than 20 years Ken Shamrock fought in the ring and out for fame, fortune, and respect. But after all the kicks, punches, and submissions, he's found a new reason to fight. Watch this motivational video to hear Ken's inspirational life story.

Pro Wrestler Finds True Strength

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , professionals , prison , football , depression , addiction , accident

Lex Luger, born Larry Pfoh, started his career in professional football but his almost instant rise to fame came when he became a professional wrestler. Watch this motivational video as Lex describes the double life that ended him in prison and how he discovered real strength in Christ.

Heartbreak Kid Becomes Ultimate Rebel

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , purpose , professionals , marriage , addiction

Since high school Shawn Michaels long to hold up the WWE championship belt. He dropped out of college to pursue his dreams and was living the life first as one of the Midnight Rockers and eventually as the Heartbreak Kid. Watch this inspirational video as Shawn tells his story of how his life got out of control and the new motivation he found to be the ultimate rebel.

Learning To Live By New Rules

Posted by: Amy in Substance Abuse

Tagged in: self-esteem , addiction

Andrew Badgley starting selling his prescription Adderall in middle school. By high school he was selling drugs, getting high, and sleeping through class. This lead to a successful career of selling drugs but soon came crashing down into the destructive patterns of addiction. Watch this motivational video as Andrew shares his inspirational life story of how God struggled to break into his life.

Meeting Jesus When High

Posted by: Amy in Substance Abuse

Tagged in: relationships , meaning , depression , addiction

Missy Ansel gave all of her self to a boyfriend early in life, and when that relationship ended Missy began to fill the emptiness with partying. Watch this motivational video as Missy shares her inspirational story and the dark night that changed her life.

From gods to God

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , purpose , forgiveness , anger , addiction

Dinesh had learned to drown his emotion in alcohol and drugs, running from the anger than ran his life. He started dating a catholic girl who changed his way of thinking. Watch this motivational life story as Dinesh tells his inspirational life story of learning to face his emotions and embrace forgiveness.

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