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Tamed By God

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , purpose , prison , faith , depression , anger , addiction

This young man saw no value for his life and decided to make it his purpose to see how much damage he could inflict while having a good time. This led him to an unfulfilling life of addiction and found himself being arrested. Watch this motivational video and read his inspirational life story of how he finally came to understand his desperate need for God.

Prison to Preacher

Posted by: Amy in Depression

Tagged in: transformation , selfishness , prison , anger , addiction

Dougie March, born in the North East of England, raised to fight before he could write, served time in seven different prisons for violence by his mid-twenties. Watch this motivational video as Dougie shares his inspirational life story of how Jesus rescued him from his lifestyle that would have surely led him to a life in and out of prison or even death.

The Alcoholic Behind The Bar

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Brad Barret witnessed his alcoholic mother's first suicide attempt at age ten. He married his girlfriend after high school, a relationship that soon led to divorce. He became a bartender which would help to support his drinking habit. He began to live life fast, and it wasn't long before he found everything spinning out of control. Watch this motivational video as Brad shares his inspirational life story of how he discovery Jesus and the love that both knocked him over and lifted him up.

Bright Lights of Sin City Turn Ugly

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

The bright lights of 'Sin City' beckoned Annie Lobert the moment she stepped off the plane. The girl from the tree- lined streets of Minnesota became a high class call girl on the Vegas strip. Watch this motivational video as Annie tells her inspirational life story of the 180 degree turn from abuse, rape, deception to the fulfilling love of Jesus.

Freedom From Molestation

Posted by: Amy in Abuse

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , rape , meaning , depression , anger , addiction

Molested as a young child, Dianne Partian hated men and herself. After abusing drugs, falling into several lesbian relationships, and attempting suicide, she eventually found Jesus Christ. Watch this motivational video as she shares her inspirational life story of how she is completely set free and happily married

More Than Lust

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Will first was introduced to porn in elementary school, but it wasn't until some years later that he got hooked. His addiction started with lust and porn and worked its way to being all inclusive to alcohol and ecstasy. Watch this motivational video as Will shares his inspirational life story of how he came to realize his part in destroying a girls life and his discover that Jesus loves sinners.

Prostitute Made As White As Snow

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

Tagged in: women , sexual freedom , prison , pornography , peace , marriage , anger , addiction

Susan lived in fear as a child, fear from her abusive step-father and her emotionally distant mother. She was desperate for love and would do anything to find it. It wasn't long before she found drugs, alcohol, and porn as a teenager. Watch this motivational video to hear the inspirational life story of a promising women losing herself to prostitution and the day in prison she called out to God who responded with overwhelming love.

Wooed by God

Posted by: Amy in Selfishness

Tagged in: war , success , selfishness , motivation , death , anger , addiction

Robert Russell grew up not knowing God, but God knew Robert. Robert grew up learning to look for for number one, doing everything to future his own causes. In college, working in a factory, and fighting in Vietnam, Robert attributed his success to his hard work. Watch this inspirational video as Robert tells of the true reasons behind his inspirational life story and his conversion to Christianity.

God and Electric Guitars

Posted by: Amy in Satisfaction

Tagged in: women , purpose , marriage , hope , faith , addiction

Kat Gehrlein calls her life "crazy". In her twenties most of her life was spent in the bars. That changed when she meet her husband and started a family. Life was now stable and alright, but it was about to get way better. Watch this motivational video as Kat shares her inspirational life story of how she discovered Christ and place for her family to fit in.

From Rape to Restoration

Posted by: Amy in Self-Injury

Tagged in: women , self-esteem , rape , forgiveness , depression , addiction

Experience rape at a young age by both her step-father and her brother, Vicki Duffy began to believe lies that she was worthless. Watch this motivational video as Vicki describes how she got caught up in a lifestyle of promiscuity and addictions until she found the One who set her free and learned to forgive.

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