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Breaking Down Barriers

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: self-esteem , meaning , depression

Kavita came from an hindu background and found herself changing to fit in. Putting on different fronts around different friends Kavita knew she was faking her happiness. Watch this motivational video as Kavita tells some of her inspirational life story of what changed her life.

Tamed By God

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , purpose , prison , faith , depression , anger , addiction

This young man saw no value for his life and decided to make it his purpose to see how much damage he could inflict while having a good time. This led him to an unfulfilling life of addiction and found himself being arrested. Watch this motivational video and read his inspirational life story of how he finally came to understand his desperate need for God.

Learning To Fit In

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: war , self-esteem , purpose , overcomer , motivation , meaning

When David was nine years old his life was threaten by an Iranian soldier while him and his family were stayed in Iran during the revolution. They eventually left for the United States, but life did not get any easier. During his years in school, David found himself being treated as an outsider.

Eventually with the help of his father, David remade himself to be "all American". Despite his outward transformation, and a new acceptance amongst his peers he still felt an emptiness on the inside. Watch this motivational video as David share his inspirational life story of how a friend invited him to a church where all the pretty girls attended and how Jesus filled the emptiness.

Bright Lights of Sin City Turn Ugly

Posted by: Amy in Prostitution

The bright lights of 'Sin City' beckoned Annie Lobert the moment she stepped off the plane. The girl from the tree- lined streets of Minnesota became a high class call girl on the Vegas strip. Watch this motivational video as Annie tells her inspirational life story of the 180 degree turn from abuse, rape, deception to the fulfilling love of Jesus.

From Rape to Restoration

Posted by: Amy in Self-Injury

Tagged in: women , self-esteem , rape , forgiveness , depression , addiction

Experience rape at a young age by both her step-father and her brother, Vicki Duffy began to believe lies that she was worthless. Watch this motivational video as Vicki describes how she got caught up in a lifestyle of promiscuity and addictions until she found the One who set her free and learned to forgive.

The Makings of a Conqueror

Posted by: Amy in Prison

Tagged in: transformation , self-esteem , prison , hope , addiction

Mike Benson’s view of authority became distorted at a young age. As he got older, Mike grew angry, just like his father was. Drugs and alcohol kept a lid on his emotions. It didn't take long for this lifestyle to start him on the wrong track and brought him to prison. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story and why he submitted to Christ.

An Untamed Heart

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: self-esteem , prison , anger , accident

Ron Baptiste lived a life plagued with violence and drugs. He spent most of his life trying to fit into the world around him, but it wasn’t until he discovered the love of God that he achieved the acceptance he had always longed for. Watch this motivational video as Ron tells his inspiration testimony of how Jesus enter his life.

The Anti-Barbie

Posted by: Amy in Body Image

Tagged in: women , success , self-esteem , professionals , meaning , depression , business

  Tonya Ruiz grew up playing with Barbie dolls and wanted to be just like them. So at the age of 16 she set out to do so and became a fashion model. Her career exploded and Tonya was living the glamorous Barbie life, dating millionaires, partying with the who's who of the modeling world; anything she wanted was at her fingertips. Eventually the stress of this kind of life became to much for her; battling bulimia and feeling more and more empty despite her success, Tonya set out to end her life. Watch this motivational video as Tonya tells her inspirational life story of how she discovered the answers to her emptiness, and what her Christian faith means for her life now.

Life After Armani

Posted by: Amy in Body Image

Tagged in: women , success , self-esteem , professionals

  Jennifer Strickland was a top runway model for Armani until she gained four pounds. It was her saving grace, because out of that "failure" she found a God who saw her as more than a pretty face and looked at her inner-beauty. Watch this motivational video as Jennifer tells her inspirational life story and how his discovered the faith that freed her.

Satanic Contract Voided

Posted by: Amy in Music

 Kirk Martin was the front man for a heavy metal band and his success thrived on the violence and anger raging inside of him. Shorty after seeking out Satan to make him powerful, Kirk has an encounter with God that would forever change his life story. Watch this inspirational video as a man filled with hatred from childhood abuse discovered the love of Jesus that set him free from his addiction to sex, drugs, and violence. 

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