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Fun Without The Hangover

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: relationships , motivation , meaning , marriage , hope

 Bret Vessey never really wanted anything to do with Church, and when his wife started attending he was happy for her but saw no need for it to impact his life. This all changed when he  was dragged to church on Easter Sunday by his wife. Watch this motivational video as Bret tells his inspirational life story how of he discovers the true love of a Father is better than anything he experienced in the party lifestyle and how meeting Jesus has changed his life.

Heroin, Love & Pig Roasts

Posted by: Amy in Relationships

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , marriage , faith , death , adoption , addiction

No-one expected Michael and Becki Huth to get together, though Becki's dad, Jim, once said he'd roast a pig in celebration if they did. Read as they shares their inspirational life stories and how God brought them together and gave them a shared vision.

Jesus on the Radio Dial

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , peace , leadership , business

 Watch this motivational video as Mike Miller tells of his journey of faith and how he discovered Christ through a radio program, and what the biggest difference in his life is now.

Healing of a Gangster

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: relationships , hope , anger , accident

 Efrain Rodriguez grew up with an alcoholic father and an abusive mother. Through this he learned to deal with things through violence and ran away to the gang life to be accepted. This lifestyle ended with Efrain seeing over 20 years of life through prison bars, and a bullet in his body. Watch this motivational video as Efrain tells his inspirational true life story of miraculous healing and his Christian conversion that followed.

Satanic Contract Voided

Posted by: Amy in Music

 Kirk Martin was the front man for a heavy metal band and his success thrived on the violence and anger raging inside of him. Shorty after seeking out Satan to make him powerful, Kirk has an encounter with God that would forever change his life story. Watch this inspirational video as a man filled with hatred from childhood abuse discovered the love of Jesus that set him free from his addiction to sex, drugs, and violence. 

The Power of Prayer

Posted by: Amy in Depression

 Stormie Omartian has sold more than 10 million books, but her journey to success has not come easily.  She grew up with an abusive mother, was plagued with depression, and turned to alcohol, drugs, and men to fix her problems. Read as Stormie tells her inspirational life story and coming to Jesus through the power of prayer has changed her life.

Abuse & Forgiveness

Posted by: Amy in Fatherlessness

Tagged in: relationships , overcomer , meaning , forgiveness , faith , anger

When David was 2 years old he lost his mother to a heart attack. By the time he was 6 years old his father was institutionalized, forcing David and his sister to live with their abusive stepmother. Daily beatings left the two bruised and broken, yet too fearful to tell anyone. After years of anger and heartache, more loss and family disasters, David was inspired by his nephew to take a take a better look at his life. Enjoy this video from the Dream Centre as David describes how he turned to God and became a man worthy of admiration.

Searching For Love

Posted by: Amy in Fatherlessness

Tagged in: women , relationships , marriage , depression

Shannon Culpepper longed for her father to choose her instead of his new family. Once she came to terms that he would never be there to watch her grow up, she filled the void in her life with an older boyfriend who could provided for her every want. Eventually rejected by him, Shannon's life became drenched in pain. Enjoy this encouraging video of a young, courageous woman discovering acceptance from the true Father of Love.

I Do, Again

Posted by: lifestory in Marriage

Tagged in: women , relationships , marriage , forgiveness , faith , anger

Authors of I Do Again, Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs fell in love at first sight and were soon blissfully married. They lived in their dream house and were never in want. Within a few years Cheryl was surprised to find herself unfulfilled in her marriage, and even more surprised when she became involved in an adulterous affair. Watch this motivational video as the Scruggs tell the painful story of divorce, years of anger, and God's inspirational love that lead them to be remarried.


Restoring a Lost Cause

Posted by: lifestory in Addiction

Selling drugs and using crystal meth, Greg Winkle's parents and family began to grow tired of seeing their son go down a destructive path. Faced with prison, Greg turned to faith to get himself through. Watch this video as Greg tells his story of God's timing in his life, and how his conversion brought release and restoration. 

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