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Understand the True Father's Love

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Raped by father at the age of six, Lisa Luby Ryan's childhood was destroyed. She thought what followed in her life - affairs, abortions, divorce, and neglect - could never be forgiven by God. But revealing her secrets to the Almighty Forgiver gave her the only thing she had ever wanted: true and unfailing love.  


Recovery from Darkness into Light

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Experiencing sexual abuse and rape at a young age, Cynthia slipped into experimentation with drugs, sex, and food to cope with the pain. Watch this video to hear this inspirational women tell her story about her struggle to survive on the true authentic love of Jesus Christ.  

From Hollywood to Ever After

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by Victorya Michaels Rogers

For more than a decade Love & Life Coach Victorya Michaels Rogers was a prominent Hollywood agent bringing in millions of dollars for her clients in the TV and film business. It looked as though she had everything she could dream of right there in the heart of Beverly Hills. But what Victorya did not have was one special man with whom to share her life--a dream she held dear since she was a little girl. Here is her story of dreams, perseverance and God’s precious timing. We don’t know the future, but God does and he is always faithful. God had a plan for Victorya and he has a plan for you!

Rape, Adoption, Reunion

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Lee Ezell Life Storyby Lee Ezell

After suffering from a brutal rape, Lee Ezell discovered she was pregnant. She bravely chose to relinquish her child for adoption, wishing the very best for the child. Twenty years later, Lee was shocked to hear a voice on the other end of the telephone state, “Hi, I’m Julie and you’re my mother.” Televised across North America, Lee’s story of her remarkable reunion with her daughter has touched the hearts of millions. In this story, enjoy the laughter and tears shared together between Lee and Julie as they explain how anyone can find peace and hope –in spite of life’s “missing pieces.”

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