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Finding True Happiness

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , transformation , purpose , marriage

Jeremy and Melissa Robertson were searching for happiness in anything they could get their hands on. When they found out they were pregrant, they decided to get married but things didn't get easier. They were constantly fighting - about having a baby or anything imaginable. Watch this motivational video as the Robertsons share their inspirational life story of how God saved their marriage and happiness reentered their life.

More Then Music and a Message

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: relationships , purpose , marriage

Mike and Leah Montes were invited to church by a friend, but brushed it off thinking they didn't really need God in their lives. Their opinions changed when they finally decided to try out the whole church thing. Watch this motivational video as the Montes tells of this inspirational place where they found true love and how it was changed their lives.

From The Depths Of The Music Industry

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: purpose , professionals , prison , peace , death , accident

Marty Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant/nightclub owner and personal manager for rock 'n' roll bands. Though at times Angelo thought he achieved success, internally he always felt an emptiness in his heart, sensing his life neither had real meaning nor true purpose. Nothing ever seemed to matter to him. Consequently, he lived a rebellious, sin-riddled out-of-control lifestyle. Watch this motivational video to hear of Marty's inspirational story and how through a life-shattering event he experienced a "new beginning," a dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity.

Filled With Tumors

Posted by: Amy in Adversity

Tagged in: purpose , baseball , accident

  Tiger Coffman is convinced it was God who broke his nose in order to fulfill better plans for his life. Watch this motivational video as Tiger tells of his inspirational life story and the events that led to is revelation in Christ, and read his testimony.

Broken at Boarding School

Posted by: Amy in Meaning

Tagged in: women , purpose , meaning , depression , anger , addiction

At the age of 12 Larissa Nay Brock decided she wanted nothing to do with her past and gave up her nickname "Lara" in exchange for her new identity Larissa.  Grow up with parents who were excommunicated from the Catholic church, and then divorced when she was 12, Larissa had only negative feelings towards the church and desperately wanted to be loved. Watch this motivational video as Larissa shares her inspirational life story of drugs, spiritual darkness, hopelessness and destructive decisions to being completely restored by Jesus.

Heroin Addict to Worship Team

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: purpose , professionals , prison , motivation , meaning , hope , anger , addiction

 Chris Alvaro got in trouble as a child like most boys do, but as he got older his troubles escalated as he found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd. Chris got involved in music, then bands, then drugs, and eventually prison. Watch this motivational video as Chris tells his inspirational story of his failure to escape bad habits until he finally discovered the ultimate solution to getting his life back.

The Inspiring Hymns of an Invalid

Posted by: LauraLoo415 in Illness

Tagged in: purpose , overcomer , hope , faith

  Charlotte Elliott (1789- 1871), famous hymn writer, was thought of as one of the physically most beautiful woman most had ever seen, with a voice of wonder and the mind of a literary genius. But on the inside her health was failing, leaving her an invalid for most of her life, and her spirit was weakening without the grace of a Saviour. Read these two accounts written by close acquaintances of Elliott's as they describe her conversion and the details behind her most famous verse "Just As I Am, Without One Plea".


Christopher Knapp's Account:

Drug Addict to Sheep

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: purpose , faith , accident

  Wes Martin longed for fascination and exhilaration, he found it in sex and drug abuse. By the time he was 20 he was a mess. Suddenly he found himself in the back of chapel at a junior high church camp. Watch this motivational video as Wes tells his inspirational life story of how his cry for help was answered and he discovered God's beauty. 

Dan Peek's Homecoming

Posted by: Amy in Success

Tagged in: success , purpose , professionals , motivation , meaning

  Dan Peek and his friends started a band called "America". They went straight to the top with their first album and single "Horse With No Name".  Dan moved from London to America and began to try everything the world had to offer. After obtaining all that he desired, he still found himself empty. Watch this motivational video as Dan tells his inspirational life story of discovering Christ and how his faith affects how he lives his life now.

Author of 9 science fiction books, and a professed atheist, John C. Wright began to question the foundation of atheism and began to find himself drawn towards Christians. Watch this inspirational video to hear John's motivations for searching for faith and the story of what happens when God is dared to show himself.

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