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From The Depths Of The Music Industry

Posted by: Amy in Music

Tagged in: purpose , professionals , prison , peace , death , accident

Marty Angelo worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant/nightclub owner and personal manager for rock 'n' roll bands. Though at times Angelo thought he achieved success, internally he always felt an emptiness in his heart, sensing his life neither had real meaning nor true purpose. Nothing ever seemed to matter to him. Consequently, he lived a rebellious, sin-riddled out-of-control lifestyle. Watch this motivational video to hear of Marty's inspirational story and how through a life-shattering event he experienced a "new beginning," a dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity.

Empty Pockets and a Full Heart

Posted by: Amy in Satisfaction

Tagged in: peace , motivation , hope

 Bo Davidson had everything he needed, and materially had a good life. But he still woke up everything unfulfilled. Watch this motivational video as Bo shares how he has found complete fulfillment in the Lord.

Jesus on the Radio Dial

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , peace , leadership , business

 Watch this motivational video as Mike Miller tells of his journey of faith and how he discovered Christ through a radio program, and what the biggest difference in his life is now.

From Cocaine to Petra

Posted by: Amy in Success

Tagged in: professionals , peace , overcomer , marriage , faith , depression , death

John Schlitt is best know as the frontman for Christian rock band Petra. Watch this motivational video as John tells about his life before Petra, his participation in the band Head East, and the true inspiration behind new rock lifestyle. 


A Muslim's Confusion to Conversion

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: transformation , peace

Afshin's out of 84 grandchildren, Afshin was chosen to be the spiritual leader of the family to carry on his grandfather's Muslim religion. Afshin became very powerful within the religion, but only became more power-hungry. One day he came across a spirit that was too powerful for him, which only the power of Jesus could overcome. Watch these motivational videos as Afshin tells his inspirational life story of how his confusion turns into conversion, and what his discovery of faith means for him now.

George Foreman: A Boxing Conversion

Posted by: Amy in Success

Tagged in: sports , professionals , peace , motivation , faith

In his youth, George Foreman was a miserable bully with a chip on his shoulder. But, then George got into boxing and became the World Heavyweight Champion. He had it all...but he still wasn't happy or at peace until he met the Lord. Watch his true Christian testimony and read his inspirational life story.

Reformed Performer

Posted by: lifestory in Pride

Tagged in: women , success , professionals , peace , hope , faith

     Hello, my name is Lauren Shaw, and I’d like to share a part of my story with you.  I am a performer.  Not the kind of performer who steps on stage and wows audiences with my ability to play an instrument, recite a monologue, or create a work of art.  Rather, I am the kind of performer who gets things done and meets expectations.  Much of my life I’ve been able to perform in a way that earns me enough praise to make me feel good about myself, and that achieves enough for me to stand out.

            Today I want to tell you a little about my performances and about some times when the curtain rose and for one reason or another I could not get on the stage.  I also want to tell you about the freedom I have found from the need to perform, the freedom to live a life without being chained to expectations and demands, applause or approval.

Learning to Take His Shoes Off

Posted by: Amy in Gangs

Tagged in: prison , peace , depression

Adam experienced the divorce of his parents at a young age and didn't know how to deal with the anger it gave him. His violent lifestyle led into a gang lifestyle which landed him in prison. In attempts to escape from his lifestyle, he moved to Vegas but still found himself in the same problems. Watch his motivational video as Adam tells his inspirational story of how he found himself ready to reach out for help and discovered how to let his guard down and let faith in.


A Hustler's Conversion

Posted by: lifestory in Adversity

Tagged in: transformation , peace , overcomer , business

  Gospel rapper Adrian "Message" Persad's story begins with a sour note: selling drugs in the local high school just to support himself and his single mother. Unfulfilled and searching for a peace that was missing in his life, Adrian looked to the heavens for a solution. God answered Adrian's prayers with a shooting star. But with no foundation for his new found faith, Adrian soon found himself falling like that star. Watch this young man's inspirational video as he wrestled to pick himself back up.

A Strange Hope

Posted by: lifestory in Depression

Tagged in: relationships , peace , meaning , hope , faith , depression , anger

  Jordan Hachey knew that God did not exist and was confident that He would have no part in his life.  Eventually some of his friends convinced him to come to church and through a series of tragic events Jordan discovered a true peace found only in Christ.  Read as Jordan shares his own inspirational testimony. 


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