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Never Giving Up...

Posted by: Ice75 in Adversity

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When I was young I had dreams of being a top athlete and going to the Olympics like my father had done before me… all that changed October 18th 1988 when I was diagnosed and had a surgery to remove a huge brain tumor in my cerebellum!  The Astrocytoma was diagnosed at the last minute and has a result I almost died! The surgery was performed by some of the best surgeons in Europe equipped with a brand new surgery technique.  Although I was fortunate that it was benign, the surgery lasted nine hours and I had a 30% chance of living.

After staying in intensive care in a coma for four days, I had no motor skills left and didn’t know why God had spared me. I stayed in the hospital for 1 month and the long road of recovery had started but not before a grim analysis of doctors saying I would maybe walk in a year, couldn’t swim, maybe one day I would finish high school and having a job or getting a secondary degree would be “impossible”.

Well I surpassed expectations with the help of God, I walked within six months, swam varsity in college, have a master’s degree and am a teacher.  Recently I have published a book of my life in the hope of helping people and motivate them never to give up in the face of adversity.

Meeting God In The Army

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

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Jake first heard about Christianity when he started going to church while in the Royal Australian Army, but didn't understand the gospel. Watch this motivational video as Jake shares his inspirational life story of his life before becoming a Christian and how God brought him from death to life through the preaching of the gospel on the streets of Frankston.

Forgivess Over Anger

Posted by: Amy in Substance Abuse

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Brad's party lifestyle became destructive when he heard the night his sister was taken advantage of. The anger began to control his life and the alochol made me a force to be reckoned with. Watch this motivational video as Brad shares his inspirational life story of how forgiveness took a hold of him and God granted him new life.

Saved By Grace

Posted by: lifestory in Selfishness

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Jonathan Lippmann - 

I grew up as a kid with a lot of attitude in Nashville, TN. When I was in 7th grade, my father had a brain tumor and was given 6 months to live. I knew it was bad when his high school marching band came over to the house to perform for my father in the front yard. I knew at that point he was probably going to die from the brain tumor.

My grandmother was a Christian, and she used to always witness to us, and I never used to want to hear it as a kid. She had a pastor call my father and lead him to Christ, and he gave his life to Christ a couple of weeks before he went back to the hospital to see how big the tumor was. They had given up hope and tried chemotherapy and everything. He went in and they did the test, and the tumor was completely gone! By the grace of God He healed my father. God definitely used that to show me how real He is, and although I wasn’t living for Him and didn’t know anything other than what my grandma told me -- Jesus healed my father -- I knew that to be true.

I came to know Christ in L.A. I met a friend who is a news anchor at Fox News. We used to work out together all the time. I used to talk to him about Take Six, the vocal group, how much I loved the harmonies, and I’d just be myself, cussin.’ He never judged me and never told me not to cuss. He just listened to me and showed me love. And I saw that, as much as he didn’t realize I saw it; I saw every bit of it.

Stripper Pursued by a Gentleman

Posted by: lifestory in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , meaning , hope , forgiveness

Harmony Dust was always looking to be loved and as a teenager she thought she could secure a man's love with money. The growing need to support herself and her boyfriend left her no where else to turn. Watch this motivational video as Harmony shares about the path that led her into the sex industry, the true love of Jesus that inspired her to begin her journey out, and the work she is doing today to reach other women.

Learning Truth At University

Posted by: Amy in Other faiths

Tagged in: women , purpose , peace , meaning , hope , faith

Anita Shetty was introduced to the Jesus through a friend at university gave her a copy of the New Testament. Intrigued by the new idea of knowing a God personally, Anita would begin to read and study the New Testamnt, in which she would learn about the story of the cross. Watch this motivational video as Anita from Mumbai shares her inspirational life story of how she went from having many gods to learning and accepting the one true living God.

God and Electric Guitars

Posted by: Amy in Satisfaction

Tagged in: women , purpose , marriage , hope , faith , addiction

Kat Gehrlein calls her life "crazy". In her twenties most of her life was spent in the bars. That changed when she meet her husband and started a family. Life was now stable and alright, but it was about to get way better. Watch this motivational video as Kat shares her inspirational life story of how she discovered Christ and place for her family to fit in.

Behind The Drum Kit

Posted by: Amy in Addiction

Tagged in: hope , accident

Brent Bearden doesn't blame his parents or any childhood events for his addiction and alcoholism. He knows it was self-seeking and also self-destructive. Watch this motivational video as Brent shares his inspirational life story and how turning to Christ when he had nothing left converted him from being self-centered to others-interested.

The Great Campaign

Posted by: Amy in Abortion

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At the young age of 16 Jason Jones found out that he was to be a father. Jason and his girlfriend came up with a plan to support the baby, which included Jason joining the army on his 17 birthday. Their plan, and Jason's life calling changed when his girlfriend was forced to have an abortion. Watch this motivational video as Jason tells of his inspirational life story and how his dedication to the pro life movement brought him to discover Christ.

Filled With The Greatest Love

Posted by: Amy in Marriage

Tagged in: women , relationships , peace , marriage , hope , faith , depression , death

Conni Christy's parents were divorced when she was a child, and Connie followed suit three times in her own life. Conni was always trying to fill the void left by a distant relationship with her father and multiple suicides in her family. Watch this motivational video as Connie shares her inspirational life story of how she discovered to fill the emptiness with peace.

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