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Living Life In The Fast Lane

Posted by: Amy in Sports

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Morgan Sheppard loved racing since his first car at age 12. Watch this motivational video as Morgan shares how alcohol got the best of him and the night that he turned his life around and began racing for Jesus.

NBA Star Plays For His Father

Posted by: Amy in Sports

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David Robinson quickly became an NBA star and had everything you could think of. Despite this David could not find peace in his life. Watch this motivational video as David shares his inspirational life story of how God got a hold of his life and how his career challenged his faith.

A Cowboy Keeps His Hat On

Posted by: lifestory in Sports

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Tom Landry

NFL Hall of Fame, 20 consecutive winning seasons, 13 division championships, five trips to the Super Bowl, two world championship titles: he went to the top and always wore his trademark hat.


God Plays Catch

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: baseball

 Ian Marshall's life was dedicated to baseball, and he did everything to strive to be the best. His dedication brought him to be drafted by the New York Mets. Baseball also kept him out of trouble. Eventually, due to injuries, Ian could be as dedicated to baseball as he once was, and began to turn to the world to fix his woes. Ian found himself deep into the party lifestyle but still craving something more. Watch this motivational video as Ian shares his inspirational life story of how he found the true love of Christ to satisfy his cravings.

A Steelers' Joy

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: sports , professionals , football , faith , anger

   After being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Aaron Smith was at the point in his life he had dream of being since he was a kid. Along the way he dealt with divorced parents, a strained relationship with his father and eventually the death of his father. Still Aaron felt something was missing; it was his wife who found it first. Watch this motivational video as Aaron tells his inspirational life story, and about his life after his discovery of faith. 

Football Player Loses Macho Image

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Roy Simmons has a promising football career that started with being drafted by the New York Giants. But his life story is full of abuse, drug addiction, prostitution, and HIV. Watch this motivational video about Roy's inspirational story as he talks about the lows in his life, his discovery of being HIV positive, and the conversion that brought him peace.

The Dunk Inventor

Posted by: Amy in Sports

  Kenny Dobbs is one of the best basketball dunkers in the nation and has traveled around the world displaying skills in numerous competitions and exhibitions. He now also is a speaking for "UpRise". But as a teenager, Kenny's life did not look like it would have this turnout. Watch this motivational video as Kenny tells his inspirational life story about his recovery from drug addiction to discovering faith. 


Rams, Giants & Jesus

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: success , sports , professionals , marriage , football

  Kurt Warner has played as a quarterback for NFL teams such as the St. Louis Rams, New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. But life hasn't always come easy for one of the NFL's biggest stars. Watch this inspirational video as Kurt and his wife tell the story of their journey of faith.

Skater: Andre Genovesi

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: professionals , meaning , faith , anger

Pro Skater Andre Genovesi's life was about celebrating and partying 24/7. He had it all, but still found himself feeling empty. Watch his video to find out how one girl was the inspiration Andre needed to change his life.

Skater Chad Tim Tim

Posted by: Amy in Sports

Tagged in: professionals , faith , depression

Chad Tim Tim is a professional skateboarder for Element Skateboards. Growing up in a broken household, Chad looked for fulfillment in parties and girls. As his popularity in the skate world grew he started to experiment with drugs. Presented here is the video of this skater's inspirational story of how Christ picked him up from all time lows, and changed his perspective on life.


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