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A Purpose and a Path

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

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Drugs were commonplace for Mike Bachman in the life he grew up in. Life reached a low after his only brother's suicide. Watch this motivational video as Mike shares his inspirational story of how through his tragic event he began to discover a relational faith in God.

Meeting God In The Army

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

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Jake first heard about Christianity when he started going to church while in the Royal Australian Army, but didn't understand the gospel. Watch this motivational video as Jake shares his inspirational life story of his life before becoming a Christian and how God brought him from death to life through the preaching of the gospel on the streets of Frankston.

From gods to God

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , purpose , forgiveness , anger , addiction

Dinesh had learned to drown his emotion in alcohol and drugs, running from the anger than ran his life. He started dating a catholic girl who changed his way of thinking. Watch this motivational life story as Dinesh tells his inspirational life story of learning to face his emotions and embrace forgiveness.

Stripper Pursued by a Gentleman

Posted by: lifestory in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , relationships , rape , meaning , hope , forgiveness

Harmony Dust was always looking to be loved and as a teenager she thought she could secure a man's love with money. The growing need to support herself and her boyfriend left her no where else to turn. Watch this motivational video as Harmony shares about the path that led her into the sex industry, the true love of Jesus that inspired her to begin her journey out, and the work she is doing today to reach other women.

Living a Life Of Fearlessness

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: meaning , marriage , faith

Albert Abril grew up in a Catholic but really knew very little about what the basics of the faith were. As he began to experience life, and see the worst of the world as firefighter, Albert came to the conclusion there could be no God. Watch this motivational video as Albert shares of his inspirational life story and he was drawn to the true love of the Father through his love for his own children.

Saved From Self-Destruction

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , rape , hope , depression , death , anger

 Mallory spiraled into depression after her friend committed suicide. When she started cutting, her parents sent her to rehab and eventually boarding school. Despite seeing some recovery, Mallory continued on a self-destructive path and got caught up in partying and boys. Watch this motivational video as Mallory shares her testimony of how she discovered God in a baby boy and how his inspirational life is changing hers.

Gave Up Church For the Bar

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: women , trauma , faith , depression , anger

 Heather Evans's inspirational life story includes childhood molestation, church scandals, eating disorder, cancer, death, broken bones and a broken heart. Heather's experience with Christians as a child were not positive, so as she grew up she discarded the idea of God and faced life challenge's head on. Eventually this all became too much for her and she accepted and invitation that would change her life. Watch this motivational videos as Heather tells her inspirational life story and recounts the moment when God intervened her life.

Jesus on the Radio Dial

Posted by: Amy in Purpose in life

Tagged in: relationships , peace , leadership , business

 Watch this motivational video as Mike Miller tells of his journey of faith and how he discovered Christ through a radio program, and what the biggest difference in his life is now.

Author of 9 science fiction books, and a professed atheist, John C. Wright began to question the foundation of atheism and began to find himself drawn towards Christians. Watch this inspirational video to hear John's motivations for searching for faith and the story of what happens when God is dared to show himself.

Illusionist Drew Worsham

Posted by: lifestory in Purpose in life

Tagged in: purpose , meaning , faith , depression

Drew Worsham is a master illusionist, but this magician doesn't try to trick you into believing he has lived the perfect life

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